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About Rise

Global Rise In December 2018, when the world was preparing to wrap up yet another year, a new chapter was begun in the history of global Tamil-speaking community with the inauguration of The Rise, a global summit of Tamil entrepreneurs and professionals India. Guided by the theme “To shift the culture of seeking jobs to creating jobs”, The Global opened up opportunities for collaboration and networking among Tamil entrepreneurs and professionals and paved the path for future initiatives targeted at the advancement of the Tamils.

The 1st Rise Global, Madurai The Rise Madurai was a three-day summit, which brought together 500 Tamil entrepreneurs and professional from 17 countries, was an unprecedented event of such magnitude to focus on the economic empowerment and the overall development of the Tamil-speaking community. The Rise Global Summit for Tamil Entrepreneurs and Professionals, Madurai, India, held from 28 to 30th December was one of the very first initiative to bring together some of the inspiring Tamil entrepreneurial icons, strategic thinkers and public intellectuals from around the world to meet and join some of the dots for a beginning to what we would like to call as The Tamil re-emergence era. The conference was a success with large participation from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Gulf-Middle East, UK-Europe, West Africa, Canada and USA.

The 2nd Rise Global, Malaysia The Rise Malaysia took on the responsibility to bring momentum of The Rise Madurai to Malaysia in May 2019. The Rise Malaysia, saw the participation of 400 delegates from 23 countries – creating a global market place where 102 business MOU(s) were signed. The Rise Malaysia opened up opportunities for collaboration and networking among global Tamil entrepreneurs and professionals with added advantage for Malaysian counterparts.

The 3rd Rise Global, Chennai The 3rd Rise Global Summit of Tamil Entrepreneurs and Professionals took place from 14th to 16th November 2019 in Chennai, India. The confluence of more than 1000 delegates from 35 countries at this summit created a highly dynamic platform for our entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas and form global partnership.

The Rise Malaysia

The Rise Malaysia is a part of the global effort to expand business beyond borders. Bridging Tamil entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the world, The Rise Malaysia is an ideal platform for the global Tamil-speaking community to reflect on its roots and deliberate on its future. The Rise Malaysia has affiliate members from more than 30 countries. As a gateway to Asia, The Rise Malaysia serves as a focal point for business opportunities and import & export venture in Malaysia. Rise Malaysia resonates with the aspiration of the Global Rise movement to revive the spirit of entrepreneurship deep rooted within the us.Join The Rise as a member now and be a part of the momentum.

Our Vision

To CONNECT worldwide Tamil-speaking entrepreneurs and professionals through the establishment of a global business referral network.To EMPOWER Tamil-speaking entrepreneurs and professionals with the required skills, knowledge and expertise to emerge as the leader in their respective field.To reflect on the future direction of the movement to foster the GROWTH of the global Tamil-speaking community "1 Family 1 Entreprenuer"


  • To create business opportunities locally and internationally
  • To shift the culture of seeking jobs to creating jobs
  • To nurture atleast one entrepreneur in each family: 1 Family 1 Entrepreneur
  • Services Provided

    Services Provided for The Rise Global Members

  • Business Registration
  • Virtual Office
  • Meeting Room
  • Referrals and Sourcing
  • Legal Advice
  • Travel Advice